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11.14.18 – CI

Some handy measurement apps for AV integrators, including sound measurement apps & distance measurement apps for iPhone and Android.

Some tools have been around since the beginning of time. When AV integrators and technicians are out on an install, it’s important to present the image of being on the cutting edge. That’s why we’ve compiled a few measurement apps, including sound measurement apps and distance measurement apps, for Apple and Android devices.

We aren’t trying to suggest that these measurement apps are just as accurate as your expensive meters — or even your measuring tape and protractors.

But for rough measurements, room visualization, and sound checks, these measurement apps are incredibly useful to have in the palm of your hand.

While some apps are technical and certainly fitting to a technician’s field of work—such as the X32-Mix App and RTA Pro—others, such as Network Analyzer, are more apropos to strictly-office integration firms, and may not be the first apps we think technicians in other markets would download.

The aforementioned apps, however, along with a few more, are vitally important to a technicians’ work, no matter how specific they are to the technical field.

Clint Miller of Tone Wolf Productions LLC says apps such as the X32-Mix App “apply directly to my field. They do exactly what I need them to do without any bloat or over-complicated parts that would make them difficult to use.”

Click here to view the slideshow of useful measurement apps for AV integrators

Before you head out on your next install, try downloading some of these smartphone apps to streamline your integration process. Lastly, don’t forget to share some of these apps (like AV Buddy) with your sales associates. While they may not always need technical information to do their job, you never know when a little know-how can help them close a deal.