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12.31.22 – KTUL

Eight laws will go into effect in Oklahoma on Jan. 1, 2023.

  • Senate Bill 418 – This law creates the Oklahoma Inform Act, which ensures online stores make sure third-party sellers are authentic. The specific target is people trying to sell stolen goods.
  • House Bill 3365 – Voter registration can be canceled if you get issued a license in another state. The law also says voters who have the same address as five or more other registered voters will receive a letter from the state to confirm their address.
  • House Bill 1933 – Cuts the duration of unemployment benefits from 26 weeks down to 16 weeks – something business groups have argued will help address workforce shortages.
  • Senate Bill 1339 – This bill deals with sales taxes and modifies language to have sales tax not just on tangible goods but also services.
  • House Bill 1682 – This law is related to the Ad Valorem Tax Code and is an amendment modifying the determination of “livestock employed in support of the family.”
  • House Bill 3066 – This bill requires municipal courts to report criminal history information to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.
  • House Bill 3081 – This law defines revenue and taxation terms.
  • House Bill 3901 – This law modifies the Court of Tax Review.