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Public Safety Updates

  • TX: Texas city to begin Drone as a First Responder program
    8.5.22 – DroneDJ – The Odessa, Texas, Police Department has received federal authorization to launch a one-year trial of its Drone as a First Responder program, which will be the largest such program in the US. The drones can be used to collect and analyze data and free officers to focus on higher-priority calls.
  • TX: Harris County Sheriff’s Office launches surveillance-sharing program to combat crime
    7.28.22 – KUHF-FM – The Harris County Sheriff’s Office wants to know who has security cameras and where they are as it continues to combat crime in the Houston region. The sheriff’s office launched a free, voluntary program called SafeCam. Residents and businesses are asked to register the exterior cameras and automated license plate readers on their properties — providing their addresses, contact information and details about their surveillance equipment, such as the type, brand, information storage method and retention period for that storage.
  • VA: New technologies improve 9-1-1 service in Charlottesville …
    8-10-22 – Augusta Free Press – A host of technological upgrades – including video, SMS-based surveys, new telephone equipment, and automated alarm monitoring – have been …
  • WI: Many alarm services had wrong info for emergencies in Iowa …
     8.11.22 – Madison, Wis. (WMTV) – Several companies that offered alarm services in Iowa Co. were not prepared to reach out to the right people in an emergency, the Sheriff’s Office revealed.


  • Report: Apple explores expansion of smart home lineup
    8.7.22 – Engadget – Apple is reportedly working on expanding its smart home wheelhouse with hybrid concepts that include a kitchen device that combines the iPad and speaker, as well as a combo Apple TV, HomePod and camera device, according to analyst Mark Gurman. A new HomePod and revamped HomePod mini may also be in the works.
  • Police exodus ‘crisis’: Officers are ditching the job at a rate …
    8.9.22 – FOX News – Washington, D.C. – Law enforcement officers are leaving their jobs “at a rate we’ve never seen before,” with some departments seeing …
  • Why the New AVS-01 Alarm Standard Could Be a Gamechanger
    8.12.22 – SSI – AVS-01 is the first standard to look at many variables and disparate data and use that to ascertain new priorities that can be used by monitoring centers to vary their workflow and notification processes and methods.

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NESA Board of Directors

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  • Vice President & – Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – Craig Bober
  • Secretary – Kathleen Schraufnagel
  • Treasurer and Arkansas Security Alarm Assn. Director – Rick Howell
  • Past President – Jordon Brown
  • Kansas Electronic Security Alliance Director – Vacant
  • Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association Director – Dera DeRoche Jolet
  • Mississippi Security Association Director –  Jack Torrence
  • Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – Steven Brekel
  • Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – John Helweg
  • Associate Director – Brian Villari
  • False Alarm Reduction Association Director – Kerri McDonald
  • Executive Director – Brad Shipp
  • Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association Alternate – Amy Fuselier
  • Mississippi Security Association Alternate – Shelley Pettit
  • Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate –  Jim Emerick
  • Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate – Danna Fowble
  • Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate –  Kelly Ryan
  • False Alarm Reduction Association Alternate – Alicia Vela