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11.11.19 – SSI –

Having a simple plan for a sales presentation will allow the consultant to stay on track, cover all the bases and make for a happy customer.

Some sales consultants will simply go on a sales appointment and just deal with whatever comes up.  Later they wonder why they missed the sale.  There was no plan or process to their time with the prospect.

Having a simple plan for a sales presentation will allow the sales consultant to stay on track, cover all the bases, and stay in control of the sales process.

Here is a simple seven-step sales presentation that will help lead you to the sale.

#1 The Warm Up — This might be the most important step. Remember that people buy from individuals, not companies. The prospect needs to trust you and know that you are incapable of deceit. Slow things down here and look for something you have in common with your prospect. Make sure that the prospect is doing most of the talking. Make it all about them.

#2 The Questionnaire — Have a prewritten list of questions that will give you information as to why you are there. This will also give you the opportunity to mention additional products and services. As you ask the questions listen very carefully not only to what they say but how they say it. Listen like a detective.

When discussing the various products and features be sure to use visual aids. Put the product in their hands and let them test drive it so they can visualize themselves using it.  Make sure to keep things very simple. Chances are that your prospect has never used this product before so make it seem very easy to use. A confused prospect will not buy.

#4 The Security Site Survey — Now is the time that you and your prospect actually complete a physical survey of the property. This will require not only an interior walk thru but many times an outside security evaluation also. Be sure to ask questions as you walk the area. Remember that you are designing protection for them and not for yourself. Draw a simple diagram of the building or home indicating where protection might be located. Take lots of notes.

#5 Ask For The Order — Rather than come up with one price for protection, I recommend offing several options at this time. Remember that people love to buy but hate to be sold so by have two or three options to choose from they feel more in control. Before you ask for the order you should be pretty sure you are going to get a “yes” when you ask. If you feel like the prospect is not ready to buy at this point, don’t ask for the order. Keep selling until you begin to get a few buying signals.

#7 The Tie Down — This is a quick, simple step is designed to reassure your new customer that they have made a wise buying decision. At this point remind them of what is going to happen next: a follow-up call from the office or perhaps the actual installation date. Hand your new customer a few of your business cards to pass out to their friends and thank them for putting their trust in you and your company.

salesRuss Ackerman is a veteran security industry sales specialist and an occasional contributor to SSI. He is the author of Security Systems Sales Leadership: Practical & Proven Techniques That Will Unlock Your Teams Potential.