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5.27.20 – CEPro

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way businesses are run, it’s very important for business leaders to take the time to practice good self-care.

Our world is undergoing the biggest pandemic crisis in years thanks to the coronavirus, and change is an inevitable consequence we all must face. The stress of dealing with change can affect people in different ways and often takes a toll on every aspect of our lives including our social, economic and even physical health.

As a leader, many look to you for guidance in times of uncertainty. Amid a highly dynamic and evolving world, where do we find time to pause and take care of our most important assets?

It may seem impossible to prioritize time to yourself right now, but doing so will make you more present when you do sit down to complete a task. Clearly differentiate between work time and personal time and make sure to create a routine.

To maintain motivation, start with self-care. Whether that self-care is related to your emotional or physical wellbeing here are some ideas to connect and create moments of positivity:

  1. Journal – write or type your ideas, dreams, concerns, or fears. This will help keep you grounded and create a space to connect with yourself. You can also make lists and check off the “to dos” to visualize some productivity
  2. Move around – this can be through exercise such as aerobics or simply putting one foot in front of the other and just walking.
  3. Be still – there is as much power in meditating as there is in movement. Learn to concentrate on an empty mind with controlled breathing exercises.
  4. Level-up – take vitamins, eat another vegetable, read, pursue a professional credential, find a new hobby, or sharpen your mind through webinars or educational podcasts. Get stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  5. Communicate – if you see something amazing in someone, tell them. Listen to music that speaks to your soul. If you are thinking of someone, call them.
  6. Laugh – hang around kids and experience the moments through their eyes. Put on your favorite comedian and unwind. Hang out with the pets and enjoy their loyalty and charisma. Give yourself permission to have a good time.
  7. Love – tell the people, pets, or plants in your life how much you appreciate them. Share your heart to create a more amazing world.

The most important thing to do in times of uncertainty is to find ways to take care of yourself – however that may be. In doing so you will find that you are a much more effective leader for yourself and your team.

Author Chris Salazar-Mangrum is vice president of USAV, The PSA Network.