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Public Safety Updates

  • WA: Redmond Police launch new online portal for security alarm …
    7.21.22 – (KTVZ) — The Redmond Police Department has launched a new online alarm permitting management portal…
  • Cities across US need more dispatchers, police officers
    7.19.22 – CNN – Police departments in Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and other major US cities need hundreds of officers to be fully staffed, as well as more 9-1-1 dispatchers and operators. Agencies are offering bonuses and incentives for officers, and the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department is recruiting more veterans, students at historically Black colleges and universities, and women.
  • Officials: 25% of Atlanta 9-1-1 calls aren’t emergencies
    7-15.22- WAGA – Out of the over 3,000 9-1-1 calls received each day in Atlanta, one-fourth are pranks or not for true emergencies, according to city dispatch officials. Assistant training coordinator Brittney Williams says such calls, many of which are about “quality of life issues,” tie up needed resources.
  • Social media crime reporting helpful to law enforcement
    7.11.22 – News-Press – Reporting crime on local social media pages has become commonplace, and officers say that’s a positive thing. One popular Facebook page in St. Joseph, St. Joseph MO Crime Alert, has nearly 58,000 members and is open to the public to view and post.


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NESA is a federation of state associations established to serve and promote the electronic systems industry at the direction of, and through its affiliated state associations. Seven state associations are part of NESA – Arkansas Security Alarm Association (ASAA), Kansas Electronic Security Association (KESA), Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association (LLSSA),  Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (MDBFAA), Mississippi Security Association (MSA), Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (OKBFAA) and Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA).  For more info visit www.nesaus.org.

NESA Board of Directors

  • President – Chris Russell
  • Vice President & – Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – Craig Bober
  • Secretary – Kathleen Schraufnagel
  • Treasurer and Arkansas Security Alarm Assn. Director – Rick Howell
  • Past President – Jordon Brown
  • Kansas Electronic Security Alliance Director – Vacant
  • Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association Director – Dera DeRoche Jolet
  • Mississippi Security Association Director –  Jack Torrence
  • Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – Steven Brekel
  • Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Director – John Helweg
  • Associate Director – Brian Villari
  • False Alarm Reduction Association Director – Kerri McDonald
  • Executive Director – Brad Shipp
  • Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association Alternate – Amy Fuselier
  • Mississippi Security Association Alternate – Shelley Pettit
  • Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate –  Jim Emerick
  • Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate – Danna Fowble
  • Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Assn. Alternate –  Kelly Ryan
  • False Alarm Reduction Association Alternate – Alicia Vela