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Fellow Members:

I wanted you to be aware of something that affected my company and affects company’s that are owned 50/50 by two partners that perform regulated work. With the new updates that were passed by the legislature, they say anyone that owns less than 51% of their company will not get an “Owner” card. 

In the past, the owners would get a pocket card that allowed them to perform all the regulated activities their company was licensed to do without having to have separate technicians/sales/etc cards. If you’re the majority owner, then you will still get the “Owner” card. 

However if you’re a 50% owner, you and your partner will both need to apply for new licenses to do the regulated work you want to do. In my case I needed to get an Alarm Installer (which covers Access Control) and a Locksmith license to continue doing the work I’ve been doing. BTW, it doesn’t matter if you just renewed your old owner license prior to September 1, 2019, you will still need to apply for the new cards. 


John C. Helweg, President
Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association