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1.21.19 – Security Sales & Integration – Michael Molinari

Security systems, fire and intrusion alarms, IP networks and communications are all vital to the operation of every business and organization. If these systems should fail for any reason, the effects can range from a small inconvenience all the way to threatening the continued existence of the firm.

Thus, business owners know they should purchase insurance to cover damage. But what they often don’t know is that all of these sensitive systems are vulnerable to an invisible threat — electrical surge damage.

Electronic systems can be damaged or destroyed by electrical surges. Not only the large, noticeable surges caused by nearby lightning strikes and other dramatic events, but also from the many smaller surges that normally pass by unnoticed. These smaller daily surges have a cumulative damaging effect that decreases device reliability and shortens equipment life.

As an installing security contractor, your customers count on you to assemble and deploy these essential systems in a way that reflects their importance. The good news for you is that new advances in surge protection are available that provide benefits to you and to your customers — a win-win opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Here are five ways that the latest surge protection functionality benefits you:

1. Audible notification

The nature of surge protectors is that when they have done their jobs correctly, and diverted a large electrical surge — or many smaller surges — they degrade to the point that they no longer provide protection, and cease to function. At that point, they need to be replaced, or the business is once again at risk from electrical surges.

Today, you can provide your customers surge protective devices with built-in audible notification alarms. These alarms sound when protection is compromised — attracting the attention of staff and improving the chances of a timely response. By offering solutions that help avoid problems when protection degrades, your customers know you have acted in their best interest.

2. Remote notification

Today, you can take notification a step further by choosing surge protectors with provision for integrated connectivity, such as dry contact closures. With that capability, surge protection devices can communicate with other alarm or monitoring systems to trigger alerts directly to management — or to you — for action when protection is compromised, with the same benefits as stated above.

3. Visible confirmation

Along with the audible alarm and remote notification contact closures, it is important to provide a visible confirmation at the device itself, so that you or the local staff can confirm exactly which device needs attention. Today, this is usually accomplished using an LED that either changes from green to red, flashes, or turns off when protection is no longer effective.

This visual confirmation again proves to your customers that you are taking steps to protect their systems and provide clear confirmation that prompt action is needed.

4. Modular design

Today, the best surge protectors make use of a modular design so they can be replaced without changing any wiring; making it possible to have the unit up and running again in only a few minutes.  Replacement modules are fast and easy to install, and should be a stocked item on every service truck.

5. High ROI

Typically, product warranties do not cover damage caused by electrical surges; and insurance may cover the cost of replacing your equipment, but not the costs of installation, integration, and testing of the new equipment by qualified installers. Nor will insurance fully cover your downtime and loss of revenue during the outage, or the cost of luring back customers that had to go elsewhere and may never return.

In this context, it is clear that an investment associated with today’s highly capable surge protection devices is a wise choice. These devices prevent damage caused by surge events, thereby reducing operational interruptions and protecting against lost revenues, profits, and the other negative consequences. For their modest cost, these devices have compelling ROI.

Today’s surge protectors help you and your customers avoid many potential negative consequences, at a modest cost that brings high ROI. They are appropriate for every new system installation, and can easily be added to existing systems to provide exactly the same benefits.

You may already have heard concerns from potential customers about how their equipment isn’t as reliable or long-lasting as they expected — a clear indication that they may be suffering the effects of electrical surges. Provide them with a low-cost, effective solution, and share the ongoing benefits.

Michael Molinari DitekMichael Molinari is General Sales Manager of DITEK.