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5 Lackluster Security Systems Found in Movies

Hollywood often asks us to suspend our disbelief when it comes to movies, however, the lack of effective security in these films is just too much to ignore.

There are few better ways to enjoy escapism than going to the movies. Whether you’re a fan of action movies, thrillers or romantic comedies, there’s nothing like sitting back with a giant bucket of popcorn and immersing yourself in the big screen for two hours.

Of course, the majority of movies require us to suspend our disbelief. Forget about intergalactic space invasions and indestructible superheroes — I’m talking about the simple things like a hero surviving what should clearly be a fatal car crash, or being able to hold their breath for three minutes.

When it comes to heists and thefts in movies, there is often plenty of disbelief involved. I always wonder, is it really that easy to rob a bank? Of course, I would never try, so I just need to keep watching and enjoy the entertainment.

However, there are certain things I just can’t get past. Since becoming web editor of a security website, a whole new can of worms has been opened for me when it comes to plausibility.

I’ve compiled five movies that showcase either an incompetent security system, or complete lack of one. Have any examples I missed? Leave them in the comments below after you view the slideshow!

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