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  • Biden administration releases plan for ‘responsible AI,’ meets with Big Tech
    5.4.23 – SIW – Vice President Harris and senior administration officials met with the CEOs of Alphabet (Google), Anthropic, Microsoft and OpenAI to discuss the need for “responsible, trustworthy and ethical” innovation.
  • Younger generations gravitate toward online interactions
    5.1.23 – ZDNet – Younger people are turning away from traditional entertainment to engage with others in user-generated content on social media and video games, Deloitte says in a new report. Of those under age 42, 40% say they interact with others more in video games than in person, with Deloitte’s Jana Arbanas noting that video games and UGC “offer more interaction, socialization and utility, and their popularity with younger generations could potentially transform the media and entertainment industry.”
  • Secured Entrances Deliver a Warehouse Full of Protection
    5.3.23 – Security Today  – By Mark R. Perkins – Ask any industry analyst to identify the biggest potential risks and liabilities facing distribution, logistics and warehouse management teams today, and the costs related to inventory shrinkage and theft are surely to be near the top of every list.

Business Tips

  • How to Introduce Smart-Home Tech to Seniors
    5.4.23 – SSI – Slow, steady, and discreet is likely the best approach when it comes to incorporating smart technology into the lives of older parents and relatives.
  • N.C. Auto Dealership Uses AI Security Technology to Thwart Thefts
    5.3.23 – SSI – Jason Knott – Liberty Buick-GMC in Matthews, N.C., deploys 16 AI security technology from iDter and KEYper Systems to protect open air-assets.
  • Wi-Fi HaLow and the Evolution of the Smart Home
    5.5.23 – Security Today – By Michael De Nil – From those early, high-pitched days of dial up, to the impending arrival of Wi-Fi 7, connectivity is changing… particularly in the Wi-Fi department.
  • The Impact of Strategic Technology Partnerships
    5.5.23 – Security Today – By Craig Newell – It may sound counterintuitive, but transparency is vital in the security industry. While many solutions block, divert and alert to imminent threats, at its core, security is rooted in the critical clarity between what the end-user needs and what the provider can offer.
  • How do you retain officers? Be a great leader
    Police 1 -Many of the factors contributing to the current police recruitment and retention crisis are out of the control of department leaders. However, there is one contributing factor within their control. They can choose to become a great leader.

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