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  • States aim to boost school safety after Tennessee shooting
    4.2.23 – The Associated Press – In the wake of an elementary school shooting in Tennessee earlier this week that left three 9-year-olds and three adults dead, state legislatures across the country are moving forward with bills aiming to improve school safety. The bills have been introduced in blue and red states alike and would require schools to install technology ranging from panic buttons, video surveillance and emergency communications systems.
  • Water-based batteries have huge storage potential
    3.31.23 – Electrek – Water-based batteries could store 1,000% more power than some energy storage alternatives, depending on the electrolyte used, according to a team from Texas A&M University. Water-based systems are also attractive because they reduce the need for critical materials like cobalt and lithium and present less of a fire risk. …
  • Technology can help adults age in place comfortably
    4.3.23 – AARP – Aging in place can be made easier and safer with the help of technological advancements. Artificial intelligence and chatbot technology can answer questions on nearly any subject such as health care or finance, telehealth can make accessing care easier and faster, …

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