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1.4.19 – SSI – Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine looks back on 2018’s big trends in the security industry as you look ahead to what 2019 may bring.

hose of you around during the 1970s will recall all the hoopla surrounding America’s 200 years of independence in 1976 and in particular CBS-TV’s series of Bicentennial Minutes. They were narrated by celebrities — my favorite was Charlton Heston.

Much in the way those segments condensed critical historical events into short, easily consumed segments I have sifted through and sorted all of 2018’s security news to give you an executive summary of what matters most.

There is no doubt that knowing where the industry is heading is reliant upon knowing from whence it has come. And so here (in random order) are my top 25 security trends — let’s call them Security Market Minutes — noted by SSI news headlines:

1. Fantastic Forecasts

2. Robust Returns

3. Investors Inspired

4. Dozens of Dealer Deals

5. Integrators Integrate

6. Monitoring Maneuvers

7. Manufacturers M&A

8. Analytics Ascends

9. Tech Giants Stand Taller

10. Pure-Play Providers

11. Artificial Intelligence Gets Realer

12. Robotics Ramp Up

13. Moving Into New Markets

14. DIY Dials In

15. Serious About Cybersecurity

16. Branding Boosts

17. Commercial Message Compels Top Player

18. Rallying Around Alarm Response

19. Smarter Homes

20. Growing Geographies

21. Schools Put Security to the Test

22. Video Monitoring More Vital

23. Competitors Crowd In

24. Privacy Becomes Pivotal

25. Sizing Up Smart Cities