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11.25.21 – Emily Pleasance

We have all heard the usual “lock your doors and windows”, however, there are other things to consider. A Reader’s Digest article, titled “21 Things a Burglar Won’t Tell You”, has some interesting tips for consideration in preventing crime and becoming a burglary victim.

Crime Prevention Tips, from a burglar’s perspective:

  • “I’ll look familiar” – perhaps the burglar delivered something to your door or assisted you with a recent renovation project, don’t let them in again unless you have prior arrangements
  • “Don’t let me use your bathroom” – an opportune time to unlatch a window for an easy entry when they return to commit the burglary
  • “Your yard gives us a lot of clues” – if unkempt, indicates neglect and provides an opportunity for crime.  Don’t leave yard tools outside your home, they peak interest.
  • “We know when you are away for a long time” – mail or newspapers pile ups are clues, arrange for a neighbor to collect in your absence
  • Social media updates – never post your vacation details on social media, criminals use social media platforms to target homes while people are away


Reader’s Digest

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