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Public Safety Updates     

  • KY: 911 center improving alarm response
    4.5.22 – Messenger Inquier – The Owensboro-Daviess County 911 Oversight Board has approved a plan that will cut out significant time between when an alarm goes off and …
  • ON: Brockton council approves false alarm bylaw
    4.8.22 – Brockton – Any business with a faulty alarm system would be advised to get it repaired. Failure to do so could be expensive. Council has approved a new false alarm bylaw to address concerns raised by the police services board and South Bruce OPP about the increasing number of false alarms.


  • Denver adds new security rules after burglaries at cannabis …
    4.4.22 – Denver – Colorado Sun- Burglaries at cannabis dispensaries prompt Denver to adopt strict security rules. Not everyone is happy about them. The new safety and storage requirements, which went into effect Jan. 1, are drawing a divided response from weed advocates and cannabis prohibitionists.
  • TDCI’s Division of Regulatory Boards Licensed Over …
    4.6.22 – TN.gov – TDCI’s Division of Regulatory Boards Licensed Over 137,000 Professionals and Enacted Efficiency and Consumer Protection Measures in 2021.

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