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Most American homes have done DIY tech installs since start of the pandemic, but when trouble arises, majority call professionals.

8.6.21- CEPro

According to the CTA, 89% of U.S. renters and homeowners currently use home technology in their residence, most of which are DIY products.

Newly released data from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) finds the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an increase in home technology product ownership, despite causing installation cancellations and timeline delays.

The CTA outlines some of its findings that include:

  • Across 22 smart or connected home technology products, 227 million (or 89%) U.S. renters and homeowners currently use and have installed at least one product within their households. Among those homes, 70% report installing at least one product since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one-third said the pandemic made them more likely to “do it yourself” (DIY) (36%) or use a professional installer (32%).​
  • Of the 159 million consumers who installed or planned to install a home technology product since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 54% experienced project delays, postponements or cancellations.

Across all home technology devices, most product installations by consumers still favor DIY. In fact, among the 196 million consumers planning to install at least one home technology product in the next 12 months, one-third (32%) exclusively plan to DIY compared to 17% who exclusively plan to use a professional installer.

CTA’s research also found that scheduling is the top reason for performing DIY installations, while skillfulness is the top reason for professional installations:

  • 81% agree that pro installers can install what the consumer cannot. ​
  • Eight in 10 agree that working at one’s own pace/schedule and feeling a personal sense of accomplishment are the most compelling reasons for DIY installations (82% and 80%, respectively). 

Professional installers are the go-to solution for unsuccessful home technology product installations. In addition, the CTA points out, among those who prefer DIY solutions, should an installation not be successful, more than half (54%) say they are likely to resort to a professional installer.