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10.23.19  SSI

Reachable cameras. Taped sensors. Have you ever looked at an installation job and thought, “What was that person thinking?” Prepare to ask yourself that 13 times.

It is probably fair to say all professionals take pride in their work. After all, the effort you put in is a reflection of yourself. This is why looking at terribly done installations can be downright puzzling.

Was the installer having a bad day? Was it approaching 5 PM on a Friday? Maybe they are just straight up incompetent.

Not only are poorly done installations bad for your company’s reputation (and thus its bottom line), but they also lead to liability issues. Customers are relying on you to properly secure their home or business.

Mounting a camera in the wrong spot, placing a motion detector in a bad area or not properly wiring a fire-safety system can result in bad news.

SSI combed through the Alarm Tech Memes and Burglar Alarms Online Facebook groups to find the best of the worst installations.

It’s not totally clear which are professional installs and which are DIY, though some may be easier to guess than others. These installs will no doubt leave you shaking your head and wondering how the installers could possibly think they performed an acceptable job.

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