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November 16, 2015

Door to Door Sales

  • Man Attempting to Sell Home Security Services Shoots, Kills San …
    11.9.15 – Security Sales – San Antonio police say Richard Luis Amezquita, 35, shot 53-year-old … at a San Antonio house shot and killed the homeowner on Saturday, … More Info
  • Don’t Waste Your Money: Alarm salesmen should set off bells
    11.10.15 – WTOL.com – Many of us buy a home alarm to give our families extra security, but some homeowners who have spent their money on these security systems find they are … More Info
  • FTC SCAM ALERT: House Alarms Can’t Stop Scammers
    11.12.15 – SpaceCoastDaily.com – But even the best house alarms can’t stop everything – like a scammer walking … We heard about a new house alarm scam at the FTC’s recent Common Ground … More Info

Public Safety Updates

  • AR: Alarm systems send LRPD, LRFD on thousands of false calls
    11.9.15 – KATV – The city allocates more than $110 million to both departments every years, but some of those resources are wasted on false alarm calls. More than 10 percent of … More Info
  • CA: False residential alarms keep police busy
    11.11.15 – Los Altos Town Crier – Between Nov. 2 and 9, the Los Altos Police Department responded to 23 residential alarms, none of which was a burglary in progress. “We treat every call as if … More Info
  • CA: Los Banos police to issue fines for false alarms
    11.14.15 – Los Banos Enterprise – Los Banos police plan to issue fines to residents and businesses with alarm systems that issue too many false alarms. Effective after the New Year, police will … More Info
  • MI: Ada looks at requiring emergency access key system for all …
    11.13.15 – MLive.com – “Currently if we respond to a fire alarm in the middle of the night, a lot of times we have to wait until someone gets there to even get inside,” Murray told the board … More Info
  • MI: Detroit police response times down, but official numbers questioned
    11.14.15 – MLive.com – As for hold-up alarms, those too “should never have gone to (priority) 2.” Once those categories were dropped, the effect was immediate. Police were responding … More Info
  • TX: False Alarms: Council Approves Escalating Fines, Alarm System …
    11.13.15 – Security Sales – … Alarm System Registration in Abilene, Texas. Ordinance passed after 95% of alarm calls Abilene Police Department responded to in 2014 were false alarms. More Info

Industry News

  • Problem Solver: Delayed Egress Locks
    11.9.15 – Locksmith Ledger – While both NFPA 101 and the IBC contain similar requirements for delayed egress locks, there are some slight… More Info
  • Powering Up Access Control Devices
    11.9.15 – Locksmith Ledger – First, make sure the power supply provides the correct voltage output and current. Then consider site conditions. More Info
  • Construction causes nearly half of fire alarm activations on campus
    11.9.15 – UT The Daily Texan – Excess heat and dust caused by campus construction projects caused 48 percent of fire alarm activations in 2014, according to data from Fire Prevention … More Info
  • Smart home security hype waning, IHS says
    11.10.15 – Security Info Watch – Equipment suppliers, service providers to face significant challenges in the years ahead… More Info
  • Is the Internet of Things meeting its full potential?
    11.5.15 – Security Info Watch – Expert says tech industry needs to start turning data into a decision driver… More Info
  • DIY vs Pro Monitored Home Security: How Law Enforcement Responds to 911 Calls
    11.10.15 – CEPro – Controversy brews over the DIY and MIY (monitor-it-yourself) market for home security versus systems that are professionally installed and monitored by a central station. Detective H.W. “Robbie” Robinson comments on police response to alarms and 911 emergency calls. More Info
  • Alarm Installers: Don’t Allow Yourselves to Inherit Another …
    11.10.15 – Security Sales – Alarm expert Jeffrey D. Zwirn explains why it’s important for alarm installers to perform initial testing on the existing system to prevent liability if it doesn’t work … More Info
  • Fire & Life Safety: Fire Alarm System Submittals
    11.10.15 – SecurityInfoWatch – Most cities require fire alarm system plans to be submitted by a qualified individual to secure a permit before any system wiring may begin. Hiring someone to … More Info
  • Stanley Security acquires SentryNet
    11.10.15 – Security Systems News – “Through that acquisition we acquired alarm monitoring services for approximately 650 independent alarm dealers.” Beach said that the company wanted to … More Info
  • CI 2015 Brand Preference Survey Reveals Integrators’ Loyalties
    11.9.15 – CI – Cross-section of integrators and others in installation space share their feelings on brands they use on the job. The results may… More Info
  • The best places to install smoke detectors (and how to make them …
    11.13.15 – CNET – “Make certain each person can hear the smoke alarm sound from his or her sleeping area and that … More smoke detectors probably means more false alarms. More Info
  • Alarm Signs – Help Or Hurt?
    11.13.15 – WFMY News 2 – Do you have an alarm sign in your front yard? The company gives it to you – it’s free advertising for them. And it sorta makes you feel like criminals will see it and … More Info
  • 6 Ways Smart Automation Can Maximize Efficiency and Minimize …
    11.13.15 – Entrepreneur – Utilizing remote access video options, you can tune into your store at the time of an alarm, visually confirm the activity and help distinguish a break-in from an … More Info
  • Thread’s New Certification Mark for Home Automation is Bad for Consumers
    11.12.15 – CRPro – Soon we should see ‘Thread-certified’ home automation products marketed to consumers, even though Thread says nothing about IoT interoperability. Bad idea. (Julie… More Info

State & National News

  • States wrestle with cost of electronics recycling
    11.13.15 – Stateline – Though states have been trying to get manufacturers to help pay for electronics recycling since the early 2000s, half do not have statewide recycling programs and those that do are evaluating how to make their programs work as the size, volume and value of recycled electronics change. More Info
  • OK: Fallin appoints new Labor Commissioner
    11.10.15 – KOKI FOX 23 – The licensing division issues alarm and locksmith, asbestos, welder, boiler operator, installer, elevator, certificate of competency, weld test facility, weld inspector … More Info
  • Smart Home Beats Wearables for Impact on Lives
    11.12.15 – SIA – New GfK research shows that half of people internationally believe smart home technology will make an impact on their lives in the next few years, compared to just a third who say the same for wearables. More Info
  • Convicted Oklahoma Burglars Give Tips To Keep You Safe
    11.11.15 – News On 6 – Another convicted burglar, John Brown, agreed about the alarm system being … Get an alarm system because if it goes have, you know police is coming and it’s … More Info
  • In taking on cosmetologists — and other licensed professions — the White House may have picked a fight it can’t win
    11.9.15- Washington Post – The White House put out a report on the issue over the summer, and has since then been encouraging state legislatures and governors to take a closer look at their licensing laws with an eye towards rolling some back. It’s also requested $15 million for the Department of Labor to identify places where licensing requirements might be excessive. More Info

Business Tips

  • 4 ways leaders fritter their power away
    11.29.15 – Harvard Business Review – The executive who embezzles money, curries favor with bribes, or gets caught in sordid affairs makes headlines and is justly derided. But a 10-year study revealed that the paralyzed executive is just as dangerous, and likely more common. More Info
  • How to Control Workers Comp Costs
    11.10.15 – Security Info Watch – 10 steps to limiting claims and their impact on your insurance premiums… More Info
  • More companies developing data breach response plans, study finds
    11.3.15 – Security Info Watch – Effectiveness of plans questioned by executives, employee training still lacking… More Info
  • 4 Ways to Increase Income & Cut Expenses While Investing in Your Business
    11.11.15 – CI- Creative tips to help you manage your cash flow as you make the shift to a managed services business model. More Info
  • Business Rx: Blazing a path is cool. But to make money, he needs to explain why this trip matters
    11.15.15 – Washington Post – “Build your brand by focusing on what Yet Analytics brings to the table that is new. There are already a lot of systems. Focus on the problems you are solving for your customers….. More Info

Fire News

  • FL: Burned-out elevator motor sets off smoke alarm at PBIA
    11.11.15 – Palm Beach Post – West Palm Beach – An official says a smoke alarm went off this afternoon on the east side of Palm Beach International Airport after an elevator motor burned … More Info
  • KS: Hutchinson Fire chief believes a discarded cigarette caused a small …
    11.11.15 – Hutchinson News – Hutchinson Fire Chief Kim Forbes said a call came in about 9 a.m. when a smoke alarm sounded off in one of the vacant rooms. Forbes said the room was in the … More Info
  • MA: Smoke alarm saves the life of Barling couple in kitchen fire
    11.13.15 – Braintree and Witham Times – A SMOKE alarm saved the life of a couple when a tumble dryer fire engulfed their kitchen this morning. Firefighters from Southend were called to deal with the … More Info
  • MD: Dad flips car while rushing to check on kids after house fire
    11.12.15 – FOX 5 DC – Two pre-teen children were home when the fire started, but they heard the smoke alarm and safely evacuated before firefighters responded and quickly put out … More Info
  • NV: Fire at Sands convention center causes $100000 in damage — VIDEO
    11.13.15 – Las Vegas Review-Journal – Clark County Fire District responded to the alarm at 8:15 p.m.. The sprinkler system already had been activated. It took about seven minutes to … More Info
  • PA: Alarm system that didn’t call 911 during Crafton Towers blaze replaced
    11.9.15 – Tribune-Review – Action Housing Inc. replaced the fire alarm system at Crafton Towers because the previous system failed to notify 911 about a blaze that started last week in the … More Info
  • RI: State House briefly evacuated after fire alarm
    11.10.15 – WPRI 12 Eyewitness News – The Providence Fire Department says it responded to the alarm in the building at about 2 p.m. Tuesday. A Senate spokesman says there was a smell throughout … More Info
  • TN: Victim who died in fatal oxygen tank fire identified
    11.13.15 – The Tennessean – A resident at the home told investigators a smoke alarm woke him up; he then extinguished a fire that involved an oxygen tank. Firefighters transported Smithey … More Info
  • VA: GW High School Investigating the Cause of Frequent Fire Alarms
    11.13.15 – WSET – Danville, Va. – School officials in Danville are investigating what’s causing frequent false fire alarms at GW High School. Since October 16th, the school has … More Info

Crime News

  • AK: Anchorage store owner disarms woman with gun, knife in robbery …
    11.14.15 – Alaska Dispatch News – After the owner triggered the store’s silent alarm and yelled for help, people from nearby businesses entered the store and helped restrain Holler until officers …More Info
  • CA: Boozy Burglars: Cops Say Thieves Make Off With $4K in Alcohol
    11.10.15 – Patch.com – At 12:47 a.m., officers responded to a burglary alarm at a business, according to police. Officers arrived to find the front … More Info
  • CA: Burglar Pair Sentenced to State Prison
    11.13.15 – Alpenhorn News – … Sheriff’s deputies responded to a residential alarm call in the Cedarpines Park area. Sheriff’s deputies checked the exterior of the residence and were unable … More Info
  • CA: Gunman escapes pursuers in Rio Linda, slips through perimeter
    11.13.15 – Sacramento Bee – Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies said a man entered a home on Withington Avenue near West 2nd Ave., around 8 p.m. Thursday, setting off a house alarm. More Info
  • CA: Palos Verdes Estates Homes Targeted in Burglary Spree
    11.13.15 – Patch.com – The suspect(s) made entry at a few homes, with alarms being activated in all but one. PVEPD officers responded with lights & sirens, and used the LASD … More Info
  • CA: Police Seek Help Finding Burglars Caught on Camera in La Cañada
    11.13.15 – NBC Southern California – Motion detectors in the house picked up the burglars as they moved through the house, setting off the inside alarm, said Detective Rodger Burt of the Los … More Info
  • FL: Cops: Man read Bible during attempted bank robbery in downtown …
    11.13.15 – Orlando Sentinel – The teller pushed the silent alarm as he was reading, police said. According to the police report, the teller said she would have to go to the back to get the money … More Info
  • FL: Victim hopes video catches burglars
    11.12.15 – WJXT Jacksonville – He installed the cameras a few years ago with his burglar alarm which sounded, scaring off the men before police arrived. “The footprint is still here. That is the … More Info
  • GA: Local businesses vandalized; windows broken at Sweet Bar, Cycle …
    11.14.15 – Northwest Georgia News – Police were alerted to the vandalism when a burglary alarm went off. It didn’t appear that anyone entered the building and nothing seemed to be missing after … More Info
  • IA: Des Moines police seek suspects in pharmacy burglary
    11.10.15 – DesMoinesRegister.com – At about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, police responded to a burglary alarm at Medicap Pharmacy. The suspects were recorded on security video as … More Info
  • IL: Trio of Burglars Drop Loot in Resident’s Yard: Police
    11.12.15 – Patch.com – Resident called to report “suspicious” individuals in yard as security alarm activated … At the same time, a security alarm was tripped at the AT&T store … More Info
  • IN: Suspect in South Bend police shooting has history of robbery …
    11.11.15 – WSBT-TV – An employee activated an alarm that automatically called police and two officers who were in the area responded immediately. As they pulled up, investigators … More Info
  • MA: Cape Ann Police/Fire: Brush fire knocks out Manchester power
    11.10.15 – Gloucester Daily Times – 12:08 a.m.: A burglar alarm sounded from the Friendly’s restaurant in the Cape Ann Plaza. Police found it to be secure. More Info
  • MA: Man police call career criminal arrested after string of house breaks
    11.10.15 – My Fox Boston – Another woman who caught a suspect at her house said, “It was the slider, all they have to do is jiggle it, alarm went off. He was trying to get in through the slider … More Info
  • MA: Police: Three men conspired to rob local businesses
    11.13.15 – Lowell Sun – According to court documents, Tewksbury police responded at 10:50 p.m. on Sunday to a panic alarm triggered at the Mobil Mart gas station. More Info
  • MA: Wareham Police Log: Oct. 1 to Oct. 6
    11.14.15 – Wicked Local Wareham – Thursday, Oct. 1. 12:40 a.m.: Police responded to a burglary alarm. 1:27 a.m.: … More Info
  • ME: Thieves caught on camera stealing tailgate in Sanger
    11.13.15 – ABC30.com – The alarm didn’t go off and he says police couldn’t find fingerprints. Negrete said, “I’m like, on the road all day and all I can think about is these crummy guys who … More Info
  • MI: Suspected burglary crew grows as arrest warrants issued
    11.10.15 – The Hillsdale Daily News – Hillsdale – Four people were arrested in late October when police, responding to a home alarm, found stolen property in their vehicle. It turns out that even … More Info
  • MN: Lonsdale Police Department
    11.9.15 – Southernminn.com – Assisted the Rice County Sheriff’s Department with a burglary alarm. • Received a barking dog complaint. More Info
  • MO: Burglar hits Joplin convenience store
    11.12.15 – Joplin Globe – Police responded at 3:33 a.m. to an alarm at the Fastrip store. and discovered the store’s front door standing open and the cash register rifled. More Info
  • MO: Consistent crimes disrupt sanctuary for recovering animals at …
    11.13.15 – fox4kc.com – Hess said each time there’s a break-in, the alarm goes off, strobe lights flash and a siren sounds. “It causes a lot of stress,” she said, “especially for our wildlife in … More Info
  • NC: Deer Breaks In To Salisbury School
    11.9.15 – WFMY News 2 – Salisbury Police were called to Isenberg Elementary School just before 2 a.m. Friday after an alarm was tripped on the campus. When officers arrived, they … More Info
  • NC: Four arrested after breaking and entering at Kinston business
    11.9.15 – WCTI12.com – According to a press release from the police department, officers responded to an alarm call at 7:02 p.m. at Hibbett Sports. Officers located a … More Info
  • NC: Salisbury man charged in restaurant break-in
    11.10.15 – The Daily News of Newburyport – … police officer Craig Goodrich’s report, he was patrolling near the business around 4:30 a.m. Sunday when he heard an alarm coming from within. More Info
  • NV: Botched burglary shows value of home monitoring systems
    11.12.15 – News3LV – “I got an alert on my phone that my alarm had gone off,” said Joseph Mueller. “I checked my surveillance cameras {on my cell phone} and found someone in my … More Info
  • OH: Adventures in home forestry projects: Moreland Hills police blotter
    11.13.15 – cleveland.com – Alarm drop, West Juniper Lane: Police determined that an alarm activation shortly before 9 a.m. on Nov. 4 was caused by a cleaning lady at the residence. More Info
  • OH: Jewelry taken during home burglary: Middleburg Heights police blotter
    11.14.15 – cleveland.com – Burglary, Big Creek Parkway: Officers responded to a home alarm at 1:59 p.m. Nov. 3. They found the front door open and a small jewelry box on the floor that … More Info
  • OH: Mount Vernon man says he pulled gun on burglar hiding in his barn
    11.12.15 – ABC6OnYourSide.com – It was only after his dog Annie sounded an alarm Wednesday morning. Annie’s bark awakened Culbertson around 1:30 A.M. and he thought she’d scared away … More Info
  • OH: Suspected intruder triggered alarm before being shot by Shaker …
    11.9.15 – cleveland.com – A Shaker Heights homeowner said a suspected intruder triggered a motion alarm early Sunday outside his garage. Officers arrived and found … More Info
  • OK: Police: Suspect used concrete block to break into cell phone store
    11.14.15 – KOKI FOX 23 – Police said an employee at a Dominos heard an alarm go off just after 1 Sunday morning and called it in. They said the suspect made it … More Info
  • OR: Burnside Bud Business Burglary Bungled
    11.10.15 – Willamette Week – Officers from the Portland Police Bureau responded Monday night to an alarm call from the business, according to a statement. Upon arriving, they found the … More Info
  • OR: Man Accused Of Trying To Break Into Medical Marijuana Dispensary
    11.10.15 – 750 KXL – Officers responded to an alarm at the Progressive Collective Dispensary just before 3:00 on Tuesday morning. They say 22-year-old … More Info
  • OR: Oregon police apprehend gang of raccoons in art gallery
    11.13.15 – KTVU San Francisco – They are so small that they didn’t set off the burglar alarm. Torp thinks they were inside for two hours before a passer-by called police. He says the coons didn’t … More Info
  • OR: Public safety: Nov. 11, 2015
    11.11.15 – Corvallis Gazette Times – FALSE ALARM: A home alarm system malfunctioned after the resident came home and turned off the alarm. The system sent … More Info
  • PA: Duo schemes local hotels, fake medical emergency
    11.14.15 – WTAE Pittsburgh – … didn’t realize initially that someone got into the cash drawer, but when the pair targeted the hotel, the man triggered a silent alarm when he broke … More Info
  • PA: Man had 11 pounds of pot in home, cops say
    11.13.15 – The Herald – Police said they were called at 9:25 a.m. Wednesday to Austin’s home for an intruder alarm signal. When police arrived, Austin opened the … More Info
  • PA: Thieves cut club’s wires and swipe cash
    11.12.15 – WTAJ – Over in Reynoldsville, American Legion post adjutant Tom Weaver says somebody cut their cable wire and the alarm company called him shortly before 1 a.m. … More Info
  • TN: Man charged with robbery after smokes stolen at Jonesborough store
    11.9.15 – WJHL – Jonesborough police said the hold up alarm was activated at Roadrunner Market, around 2:45 a.m. Sunday, and when officers … More Info
  • TN: Police looking for 2 suspects in break-in at Green Hills Pharmacy
    11.13.15 – WSMV Nashville – Officers were dispatched at 3 a.m. Friday to a burglary alarm at the business on … nothing was stolen because the suspects probably got spooked by the alarm. More Info
  • TN: Police: Russellville man robs convenience store, leads police in chase
    11.9.15 – Johnson City Press – On Sunday, officers with the JPD responded to Roadrunner Market in response to a hold-up alarm. Officers arrived and learned from the clerk on … More Info
  • TX: Homeowner who was robbed frustrated by HPD response time
    11.13.15 – KPRC Houston – When she looked at her phone a little before 10 p.m., she saw she had four missed calls from her alarm company. Just before 8:40 p.m., a burglar or burglars … More Info
  • TX: HPD: Man fears possible robbery, climbs on roof
    11.9.15 – KHOU – According to the Houston Police Department, it started at about 3 a.m. Monday when a homeowner said their alarm went off after … More Info
  • TX: Tyler PD investigating theft at Texas National Bank
    11.15.15 – Tyler Morning Telegraph – TYLER (KYTX) – On November 14 at 12:25 a.m., the Tyler Police Department received an alarm call at Texas National Bank. More Info
  • TX: Woman says she was drugged, raped at popular bar in NW Houston
    11.10.15 – KTRK-TV – When she started to move around she triggered a burglar alarm. Houston police responded and eventually took her to Ben Taub Hospital where she underwent … More Info
  • UT: Burglars spend 30 minutes cutting into car dealership safe
    11.10.15 – KSL.com – “It does make it suspicious of a few things, that they’re willing to spend that much time there,” Taylor said, who wasn’t sure if the business had an alarm system. More Info
  • WA: Burglars steal $75000 worth of equipment from family business
    10.15 – KIRO Seattle – Nawaz said they had an alarm system, but he removed it after too many false alarm calls. Nawaz only saw the damage Monday morning, when pieces of camera … More Info
  • WA: Police dog ‘Kilo’ catches Everett burglar
    10.15 – KIRO Seattle – Everett police responded to a burglar alarm at 3 a.m. Friday that was going off at a business near the Everett Mall and saw a man running away from a broken ... More Info
  • WA: Supposed Armed Robbery in Yakima Turns Out To Be A False Alarm
    9.15 – NBC Right Now – Yesterday afternoon, police were tipped off to an armed robbery in progress at a Conoco gas station. The suspect was described … More Info

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