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8.4.21 – CEPro

These messes of audio and networking cables are so cluttered and disorganized that they might be mistaken for post-modern art installation 

Integrators don’t always know what exactly they are getting into when accepting a job centered around fixing wiring mistakes from a previous installer. Sometimes the job is fairly straightforward, requiring nothing more than good cable management skills and plenty of cable ties, meaning the integrator can make some quick cash. Other times, however, the scale of the job turns out to be much more than advertised.

While many homeowners think the DIY approach is fine for setting up AV systems, in reality, most large jobs require someone with training and expertise instead of a Facebook Marketplace trunkslammer. To that end, multiple online communities have cropped up over the years with the express purpose of sharing integration horror stories and swapping before and after photos of cable management and rewiring jobs. In fact, there’s an entire subreddit where we sourced these images that is dedicated to sharing the worst cable nests and technology tangles that both commercial and residential integrators encounter out in the wild.

To that end, we’ve created a slideshow of some of the most appalling rack installations and cable clutter we could find from those folks who were too curious to look away while in the field.

It is not entirely known whether some of these disasters are a result of installations done by a professional integrator or a homeowner who wanted to save some cash. But either way, all of these images illustrate a need for a qualified AV installer with plenty of patience and knowledge.

There is also something to be learned from viewing these pictures: While it’s always easier to hastily set up a rack and collect a quick payment, a certain amount of personal pride should come into play for a veteran integrator who feels comfortable enough putting their name on the services they deliver.

Take a look at our curated list of wiring nightmares by clicking here!


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