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Public Safety Updates

  • Albuquerque Police requiring alarms to be registered …
    10.14.23 – (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department said it will now only respond to alarm calls at locations that have registered and received a permit through the False Alarm Reduction Unit. Residential and non-residential alarm systems can be registered with a $25 annual fee.

Featured Articles

  • What to Do When Your Alarm Company’s Calls Are … –
    10.9.23 – Kiplinger – A request for them to white-list your number should be filed with an explanation of your reasons for the high call volume. Upon approval, telecommunication providers will flag your number as “safe” and prevent future blocked calls or unwanted “spam” caller ID labels.
  • Fire Alarms Move into the Cloud
    10.12.23- SIW – As systems move away from DACTs and POTS, integrators, end-users and monitoring providers are experiencing the many tangible benefits of increased data and awareness
  • Gen Z in the workplace: 4 wants for the new generation
    10.5.23 – Multiview – Lauren Cancienne, Content Editor -According to Zurich Insurance Group, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. They are often characterized by their outspoken voices, collaborative nature and technological savviness. While this new workforce powerhouse seems to be a mystery to many older generations, they have made it clear what they are looking for when it comes to their careers.

Business Tips

  • Remote Guarding Gains Momentum
    10.12.13 – SIW – Take a closer look five ways the solution benefits customers, while creating potential new revenue streams for integrators
  • USB-C’s Rise and What it Means for Integrators
    10.13.23- CEPro – Apple’s move to replace its Lighting port with USB-C continues a trend in the electronics industry of adopting the multi-faceted standard.
  • Large Project Management
    10.12.13 – SIW – Make sure your company is ready before you jump from million-dollar jobs to $10 million undertakings
  • Fire Alarm 411: Code Overload
    10.12.13 – SIW – My first experience with fire alarm job bidding illustrates the vital importance of a working knowledge of fire codes and rules

Life Safety

  • ME: Smoke alarms alert Scarborough resident of house fire
    10.9.23 – SCARBOROUGH LEADER – They went to investigate why the alarms were sounding and they found smoke coming up the stairs. They were able to safely evacuate the second floor of the home, which required them to pass through the kitchen which was on fire, making it safely outside with their dog.
  • MA: Burned HVAC Motor Sets Off Fire Alarm At The Casino Wharf …
    10.10.23 – Cape News – A burned motor on a rooftop HVAC unit set off a fire alarm at the F.X. Casino Wharf Building in Falmouth Heights on Monday afternoon, October 9. Firefighters responded at 5:58 PM when a duct smoke detector was activated in the Soprano’s Restaurant.
  • OH: Fire alarm goes off at school due to burnt fries
    10.10.23 – Evening Leader – The burnt fries set off the fire alarm, which triggered a response from the St. Marys Fire Department and the St. Marys Police Department. Hager said that no one was hurt during the incident, and but that it also was a net positive to know that the systems in place are working.
  • TX: Smoke Alarm Saves Longview Family From House Fire
    10.11.23 – Red Cross – All that remained was the scorched remnants of their home. Although devastated by the loss, the family is thankful for the smoke alarm alerting them in time to evacuate safely. That single smoke alarm that the Red Cross installed alerted and allowed the entire family to get out in time.


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